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Will Cloudera decomission HDP?

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My company is planning to set up a bigdata platform. We are planning to use AWS EC2 instances by installing HDP and Ambari for Big data platform setup. Since it is a new bigdata setup and requires long term support, Just want to know about the support of HDP by Cloudera. Will Cloudera decomission HDP soon? If so , please suggest any other open source platform.




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@surikutti Thank you for the question. The sales team would be best suited to answer your questions around longevity and options to meet your goals. You can reach out to them via the contact us page on 

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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HDP will reach End Of Support for HDP 2.65 in Dec 2020.  For 3.1.5, it's Dec 2021

Here's the doc with EOS dates for all products.


I'd suggest you look at Cloudera Data Platform


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@Mike in Austin Thanks for sharing that link.   I had lost the one I book marked last year.


Since you guys are both Cloudera Employees, can you comment on enterprise customers with HDP 2.6.5 which cannot or will not be able to upgrade or replace HDP for many years?    That December 2020 date is right around the corner.    Is Cloudera going to truly stop providing support or are these customers just going to get support elsewhere?


I know some customers on 2.6.5 that could still be on that platform as legacy 5+ years from now due to just how long it takes in the government sector to replace/upgrade technology.

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I'd recommend these customers work with their account team to plan their CDP Journey.

I've dug into a number of customers facing this and found strategies for migrating/upgrading them to either public cloud, on-prem or the recent released private cloud offering.