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c++ kafka secure connection

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client :C++ client (librdkafka)

Used below config securely connect  to  cloudera kafka broker . 

SASL_SSL/GSSAPI - truststore/keystore  JKS files 

ssl.truststore.location=< JKS File >

ssl.truststore.password ='xxxxxx'

C++ client not accepting config as it is specific to  java .

Is there any alternate  mechanism available securely connect to cloudera broker

 and config supported by c++ clients? 






Your question is how to use C++ client (librdkafka) client to connect to a Kerberos + SSL authenticated cluster, please refer to the link below

In the Features section, it is mentioned that librdkafka supports SASL (GSSAPI/Kerberos/SSPI, PLAIN, SCRAM, OAUTHBEARER) support.
SSL support

For specific examples, click the examples directory, or

For more detail:

Please take a look at this example

In producer.c, it needs a configuration file config-file, and then calls read_config on line 160 to read line by line from config-file, and finally constructs the object conf. The read_config function is in common.c (from line 42 onwards). config-file can refer to , all parameters are included in this link. What parameters need to be set in the Kerberos + SSL environment, please refer to point 5 in .


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Thank you.