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cases where changing hadoop block size is not recommended ?

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Re: cases where changing hadoop block size is not recommended ?

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Hi thanks for your reply

I appreciate your inputs

Please advice on how to store and read archive data from hive

while storing data in hive , should i save it as .har in hdfs ?

our application generatee small size xml files which are stored on NAS and XML associated metadata in DB .

plan is to extract metadata from DB into 1 file and compress xml into 1 huge archive say 10GB , suppose each archive is 10GB and data is 3 months old

so i wanted to know best solution for storing and accessing this archived data in hadoop --> HDFS/HIVE/Hbase

Please advise what do you think will be the better approach for reading this archived data

suppose i am storing this archived data in hive so how do i retrieve this archived data

Please guide me for storing archived data in hive

also guide for Retrieving/reading archived data from hive when needed

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