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create a dynamic resource pool for use in YARN in Ambari Apache Ambari

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Is it possible to create a dynamic resource pool in YARN on Ambari?


We need to limit the use of YARN resources per user.


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Hi @yagoaparecidoti  If your looking for YARN Resource Managemen, Refer to the following document

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hi @Scharan 


Thanks for the feedback,


but we need to configure thread queues for users separately, example:


YARN has 1 TB of memory and 400 vCPU


we need to configure the following:


1. The default queue occupies 50% (500 GB memory and 200 vCPU)
2. User1 queue occupies 25% (250 GB memory and 100 vCPU)
3. User2 queue occupies 25% (250 GB memory and 100 vCPU)


all this configuration must be done in Ambari.


how can we make this configuration?

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hi @Scharan, how are you?


Is it possible to configure the resource queue as I went through earlier?

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hi @smdas@shubham_sharma@RangaReddy@mszurap,


can help with this queue issue on YARN in Ambari?