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error while running Cloudera in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager.

New Contributor

Dear Director,

I am Gobind at DeKalb, IL.

I would like to run Cloudera in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. I successfully installed Cloudera in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager. But when I run Cloudera Manager, I got the following error. I would like to upload data from any company with Cloudera in VirtualBox for my practice as well as to understand data analysis. In the future, I would like to work in the data analysis sector (as or data scientist).

Please provide me access to certain companies to analyze their data. Data analysis is for my learning purpose.

I am looking forward your suggestion

Have a good one.



DeKalb, IL






Hi @Gobind 

You didn't indicate where you downloaded that, or whose instructions you followed to "successfully [install] Cloudera in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager". But I can tell you that the screen shot you've posted is not an error.


At this point in time or later, you (or anyone else reading this) should not be attempting to run the QuickStart VM on VirtualBox. The Cloudera Quickstart VM has been discontinued and has been obsolete for some time now, as it was based on CDH 5.13 which reached end of support in the Fall of 2020. Note that Cloudera never supported the QuickStart VM officially and again, it's been obsolete for years now.


Cloudera's current Enterprise Data Platform is Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), which in it's on-premises "form factor" was released back on November 22, 2019, over two and a half years ago. CDP supersedes CDH as Cloudera's data platform offering. The on-premises "form factor" of CDP is now called CDP Private Cloud. You can download a trial version of CDP Private Cloud to install on-premises here: CDP Private Cloud 60-day free trial



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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New Contributor
Dear Director,
I downloaded Cloudera in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager by reading some materials on google. I need to analyze live data for my data scientist career as soon as possible
Thank you for the information. I will download a trial version of CDP. This program will go up to 60 days. After this time, Can I still use CDP for my practice? After my graduation from Northern University, I need to find a data scientist position.
Please advise me.
Gobind Basnet