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how to retrieve all versions of rows from hbase table through Nifi

New Contributor

Is there any way to retrieve all versions of a rowkey from hbase table using nifi


Master Collaborator

Hello @Keshu 


While I am not familiar with Nifi to provide an exact answer, HBase allows VERSION to fetch all versions of a Table. Assuming a Table has been configured with VERSION => 5, We can use Command "scan 'Table_Name', {VERSIONS => 5}" to fetch all Versions from the Table. You may be familiar with the above, yet putting the Update, if you can adjust the Nifi Processor to query the HBase Table as above (If Nifi Processor offers such functionality). 


I shall allow the Nifi Gurus on the Community to get back to you with the exact requirement.


- Smarak


If the Hbase server has web Hbase running you can use a REST call and NiFis InvokeHTTP to get versions. Note the v=999. Newer processors may return what you need.