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"Cluster is still in the process of voting on the appropriate Data Flow." on single HDF Sandbox docker image


I'm getting the error "Cluster is still in the process of voting on the appropriate Data Flow." on the sandbox HDF docker image. Not really sure how to troubleshoot this, I'm not familiar with NiFi or HDF at all. Suggestions appreciated


Expert Contributor

Is there a specific tutorial that you're working on?
Please describe the steps taken so we can attempt to reproduce.


Not doing any tutorials, just trying to get to nifi at my_server:9090/nifi from my web browser and I get the error stated above


@Andrew Riffle

Looks like there are some possibly helpful troubleshooting tips on this topic/question here:


Thanks but I saw that before I posted, but since he's got more than 1 node in his cluster his error makes sense. I am trying to get 1 node to connect to itself and it can't in a vanilla docker install.

Hey @Andrew Riffle, wondering if you got around this. If not, could I suggest removing the docker container and re-creating it? I've deployed HDF a bunch of times and don't think I've come across this on the sandbox before.


That's how I ended up solving it, must have been a fluke

@Andrew Riffle

If this is just a standalone NiFi installation, change the following property in the file to false:

Then restart your NiFi instance.





Nice thanks, I figured there had to be a way to tell it that it was a solo node but I just wasn't phrasing it right for google apparently. Though the problem ended up being solved with a simple delete/reinstall.

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