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removing scientific notation after divison


I am using the below NIFI EXPRESSION in the update attribute



This works fine, but after division getting scientific notation, say for an example if the 

GROSSDEPTH = 0.010000, then 
the expression output is coming as : 
how to remove this scientific notation. Please helpGrossProductDepthValue.PNG

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Thanks for the update Steven. I had gone through those article before.  Here I am using and update attribute which contains number for variables. 

update attribute with multiple attributesupdate attribute with multiple attributes

After this flow i am receiving the output as  GROSSDEPTH =1.0E-4  

So the question is execute script will work in this scenario? Please suggest.

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@kumsath Yes, when i saw your post I started digging around too.  The issue here is number manipulation and type casting a "number" versus a "string". That easy gets complicated in attributes and with nifi expression language functions.   The solution i referenced would take the "number" and make a number in which the visual representation should then be correct.  Its worth a try since that execute script should be very easy to test.    The alternative is to do your "math" upstream or in an execute script processor not in updateattribute.