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root user password reset to connect through SSH on Sandbox 2.6

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Could anyone please let me know how to reset password for root user to connect via ssh?




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I am able to get in with my old password.

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Hi @Satish Sarapuri

See this thread:

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Adding to the response. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions by @S Mahapatra in the link that Sonu provided.

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this link provide details on how to reset password for other users, not for root user. I want to reset password for "root" user.

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@Satish Sarapuri

Login to the docker instance as root with default password as "hadoop"

ssh root@ -p 2222


The you can use "passwd" command to reset the password.

# passwd

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I used this command to change my password.

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@Jay SenSharma

Earlier, I have changed the default password "hadoop" to other password and forgot the changed one. Now,I want to reset the new password.

I tired with this default password "hadoop", but no luck.

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@Satish Sarapuri

At the Docker Level:

Did you try the following:

echo -e "$PASS\n$PASS" | sudo docker exec -i <container-id-or-name> passwd

Or may be docker command option "RUN echo newtestpassword | passwd root" in a Dockerfile

At the OS level:

In single user mode you should be able to do so. Can you please try this:

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@Jay SenSharma,

To execute these commands, I have to get onto terminal ,to get on to terminal i have to use root or super other user credentials, but i have only root user and i am trying to reset the password for the same. Please let me know if I am missing anything here or is there any other way to acheive the same.

Expert Contributor

I am able to get in with my old password.

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