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version definition file VDF question


Why do we need VDF file when we can use the repo\? What is the important of version definition file?


Super Mentor

@Anpan K

Ambari Server uses Version Definition Files (VDF) to understand which product and component versions are included in a release. The VDF file contains various Operating System and their Repo URLs. VDFs also provides individual components name & version information that are shipped with that verison of product.

Example: HDP 2.6.2 (VDF):

Users can also create their own VDFs (by following the same format as mentioned in the above VDF) by editing the <repoid/> tags informations for each repository to match their Local repository OR Satellite/Spacewalk channel names previously configured.

VDFs helps in minimizing efforts in registering a new version. It also helps in automated cluster creation specially in case of Blueprints: