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HUE CSRF token missing or incorrect.



When i execute a query with the Impala editor in Hue, i get an error after a while.

In my logs i can see that it is caused by the web frontend not sending a CSRF token or an incorrect token.


I'm using CDH version:5.9.0 with Hue version: 3.11


Error from log:


[18/Nov/2016 16:00:26 +0100] WARNING maarten - "POST /notebook/api/check_status HTTP/1.1" -- CSRF token missing or incorrect.


Any ideas what is causing this?

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Re: HUE CSRF token missing or incorrect.

This happens when you log-out and re-logging in another tab. You will need
to refresh the page to make it work again (Hue 3.12 comes with a better
error message and proposes to refresh the page)