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HUE - Impala Web UI Editor

New user here...


One of the first thing I do with almost every editor upon installation is customize my settings.  It's not that I'm such a snowflake that I have to be unique, but rather to assist my eyes and prevent myself from staring into a white light all day.  I have a hard time with contrast, and generally use a darker theme when available.


I understand the point behind this platform is performance, but is there seriously no way to change any settings?  I'd really love some row bandind on the results, and preferrable column lines too if possible. While I am at it, being able to change the background colors and font settings would also be superb.  


As much as I have searched for this and came up empty handed, I'm assuming the options are just not there.  If that is the case, how do I suggest this as something to be considered in the next release? 


And if I'm wrong and the settings are just not obvious, can someone point me to where they are located?

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Re: HUE - Impala Web UI Editor


I don't think you can customize Hue at this stage, if you can list out the features you would like, I can cross check for you and submit feature requests on your behalf.

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Re: HUE - Impala Web UI Editor



With improvement: HUE-8621 we actually support dark theme, just click on "?" on the top right conner of your editor. Then navigator to "Keyboard Shortcuts/Others" and follow the shortcuts for your system.


Windows/Linux          Mac                             Action

Ctrl-Alt-T        Command-Option-TSwitch to/from dark editor theme
Hope this helps,