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Cloudera DataFlow 2.6 reduces compute costs by up to 10% and storage costs by up to 50%


The latest release (2.6.0-b311) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces NiFi 1.23, vertical scaling, several cost optimization features, developer productivity improvements and the ability to collect Diagnostic Bundles through the UI.

Key Deployment & Platform features for this release

  • Latest NiFi version: Flow Deployments and Test Sessions now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.23 release.
  • Up to 10% savings on compute resources by removing Zookeeper from deployments and test sessions. CDF now uses a NiFi and Kubernetes native clustering protocol.
  • Up to 50% savings on storage cost (AWS only) by moving from GP2 to GP3 volumes and introducing a new, cost efficient ‘standard’ storage profile
  • New ‘Suspend Deployment’ behavior now terminates associated compute resources resulting in Cloudera and infrastructure cost savings.
  • Manual Vertical scaling allows customers to change the deployment sizes easily after a deployment has been created. Allows customers to start small and easily scale to bigger nodes as needed.
  • Select between ‘standard’ and ‘performance’ storage profiles when creating a deployment based on your needs.
  • Create Diagnostic bundles and attach to support cases for faster support case resolution. Allows customers to easily collect relevant logs without sifting through S3 or Kubernetes pods.
  • The Dashboard now displays alerts for failed Kubernetes resources like NiFi pods, statefulsets etc. This makes it easier to see when there are underlying issues on the K8s cluster.
  • A new ‘workspace view’ for centralized resource management allows users to see all resources (deployments, drafts, inbound connections, custom NAR configs) in a central place.
  • Support for new Kubernetes versions AKS 1.26 / EKS 1.25

Key Flow Designer features for this release

  • Support for sensitive dynamic properties The Flow Designer now supports creation of sensitive dynamic properties for several components like InvokeHTTP and ExecuteStreamCommand
  • Download NiFi app log directly from the test session for easier troubleshooting when access to logs is needed during development 
  • Copy bulletin messages using a ‘copy’ icon to share them with colleagues or support

To learn more about this release, see the product documentation, take the interactive Flow Designer product tour and visit the product page!