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Cloudera DataFlow adds support for fine grained access control and NiFi reporting tasks


The latest release (2.6.1-b92) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces fine-grained access controls for flow drafts and deployments within an environment and support for creating and managing reporting tasks through the CLI.

Key Deployment & Platform features for this release

  • Fine-grained access control for drafts and deployments Create projects, assign drafts and deployments, add CDP users/groups to control access.
  • Reporting Task support Monitor your deployments with NiFi’s out of the box or custom Reporting Tasks! Reporting Tasks can now be added to deployments using new CLI commands cdp dfworkload create-reporting-task 

Key Flow Designer features for this release

  • Additional Zoom control Users without a scroll wheel or trackpad can now zoom in/out using ‘+/-’ controls on the canvas


  • Collapsible sections in configuration drawer Settings, Scheduling, Properties and Relationships sections can now be collapsed for more efficient flow design


To learn more about this release, see the product documentation, take the interactive Flow Designer product tour and visit the product page!