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Cloudera DataFlow adds Flow Designer Technical Preview for cloud-native data flow design and is now available in EU and AP control planes


The latest release (2.3.0-b347) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud introduces the following new features for both, AWS and Azure customers:


  • Flow Designer [Technical Preview]

    Developers can now build new data flows from scratch using the integrated Designer. Flow Drafts can be tested using Test Sessions before they are published to the Catalog. Once they are in the catalog, users can create Flow Deployments using the Deployment Wizard or CLI.

    The Flow Designer is a Technical Preview feature and requires an entitlement to be activated. Reach out to your Cloudera Account team to get Technical Preview access.
  • Added support for certificate renewal of inbound connection endpoints
  • Six new ReadyFlows have been added to the ReadyFlow Gallery:

    • Airtable to S3/ADLS

    • Box to S3/ADLS

    • Dropbox to S3/ADLS

    • Google Drive to S3/ADLS

    • MQTT to Kafka

    • Salesforce to S3/ADLS

  • DataFlow is now also available in the EU and APAC regional CDP control planes.

  • Updated to support using kubernetes 1.23 EKS and AKS clusters.

  • General improvements to DataFlow upgrade reliability to allow for improved success rates

  • Includes new NiFi version for flow development and flow deployment.

  • Updated DF Function binaries to use 1.18.0

See the Flow Designer Announcement blog post and the product documentation for more information.