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Cloudera DataFlow Designer for self-service data flow development is now generally available to all CDP Public Cloud customers


The latest release (2.4.0--b317) of Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) on CDP Public Cloud makes the Flow Designer generally available to all CDP Public Cloud customers, introduces a streamlined way to collect log files, supports new NiFi and Kubernetes versions and introduces several usability improvements when creating and managing flow deployments through the UI.


  • The ability to design flows with the new Flow Designer is now generally available to all CDP Public Cloud customers.
  • The CDP cli now supports commands to generate diagnostic bundles for CDF for troubleshooting
  • Flow Deployments and Test Sessions now support the latest Apache NiFi 1.20 release
  • When creating a deployment through the deployment wizard, users can now filter for sensitive or empty parameters
  • CDF now creates Kubernetes clusters with version 1.23 in AWS EKS and 1.24 in Azure AKS.
  • Upgrading and restarting deployments now triggers a NiFi Health Alert if the NiFi cluster does not return to a healthy state. This can be cleared by performing a Restart Deployment once the underlying issue has been fixed.
  • Restart Deployment now supports force suspending the NiFi Flow in case the running flow itself is impairing the health of the NiFi cluster.
  • Enable DataFlow action now performs validation steps immediately and fails fast if there are issues with the request
  • Some enablement failure messages are improved when the failure is due to common issues surrounding volume provisioning
  • The following ReadyFlows have been added to the ReadyFlow Gallery:
    • HubSpot to S3/ADLS
    • JDBC to JDBC
    • Kafka to Apache Iceberg
    • Shopify to S3/ADLS

To learn more about this release, take the interactive Flow Designer product tour , see the product documentation, and visit the product page!