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Simplify Data Access with Custom Connection Support in CML

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We are excited to announce the launch of Custom Connection Support in Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) that enables data scientists to seamlessly connect to external data stores from within CML. This feature helps data scientists discover all of their data independently, without worrying about implementation and connectivity details, unlocking their machine learning use cases from the get-go.


Many users struggle with accessing data from various sources, such as legacy on-prem databases (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL), serverless cloud databases (Redshift, Snowflake, SAP HANA Cloud, BigQuery), APIs, and specialized data stores (Neo4j). Until now, CDP administrators set up data replication or ingestion pipelines, to make data discoverable and accessible within CDP or work directly with data scientists to provide the necessary endpoints, configurations, and authentication details to set up connections manually. This process not only delayed machine learning use cases but also burdened CDP administrators with additional work.


We believe that data scientists should be able to focus on solving complex business problems without being hindered by data accessibility challenges. Our new Custom Data Connections feature effectively addresses the aforementioned obstacles and facilitates effortless access to all possible external data stores. Data scientists can now concentrate on what they do best and start working on their machine learning projects as soon as they gain access to CML, without the need to wait for IT teams to transfer data to CDP or request assistance.




Moreover, Custom Connection Support opens up a realm of new possibilities by enabling use cases such as processing graph data from graph databases, enriching data via APIs, and directly working with data that has been classified as 'unmovable' in legacy databases.


In summary, Custom Connection Support in CML will bring unparalleled efficiency and flexibility to data scientists and organizations alike.


To learn more about Custom Connection Support in CML, check out our documentation and example connections.