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When a new node attempts to join an existing cluster, three files are compared between the cluster and teh node requesting to join that cluster:

1. flow.xml.gz

2. users.xml

3. authorizations.xml


In your case it is complaining about your authorizations not matching.

Normally with a new node, if the above three files do not exist, the new node will inherit them from the cluster.

Often times user copy all the config files from the cluster to the new node when standing it up. This can be an issue if you copied the authorizers.xml file from a cluster node that has initial admin identity and node identity values set. With these set, that node will generate a basic users.xml and authorizations.xml files from those values. Since you cluster probably has users.xml. and authorizations.xml files that have been updated over time they will not match.


So you have two options moving forward:

1. Copy the current users.xml and authorizations.xml files from anyone of the cluster nodes to this new node replacing the locally generated copies.

2. Delete the users.xml and authorizations.xml files on this new node. Edit the authorizers.xml and remove initial admin and node identity from that file. restart node so it instead inherits those files from the cluster.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All you nodes in your cluster are granted specific policies. The most important of which is the "Proxy user requests" policy. I recommend adding your new node to this policy before actually joining it to the cluster.


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