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Re: INVALIDATE METADATA suddenly caused: javax.jdo.JDOObjectNotFoundException: No such database row

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Hi Sergey,


the Hive metastore uses Datanucleus for object-relational mapping. Datanucleus has a bunch of known issues, in particular, related to concurrency (e.g., HIVE-3826, HIVE-5457, HIVE-5181). From your description, I got the impression that there may be concurrent things happening while you invalidate metadata. I know it's not ideal, but I'd encourage you to avoid that, and also have a look at those JIRAs to see if you think they might apply.

I'm happy to investigate further, but for now, I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. If it is indeed a concurrencey problem, I believe simply retrying invalidate may do the trick (again not ideal, sorry).

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