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Celebrating as our community reaches 100,000 members! Thank you!

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Celebrating 100,000 Members: A Journey of Growth and Connection

Community Manager

We are thrilled to announce that our community has reached a remarkable milestone: 100,000 members! This incredible journey wouldn't have been possible without every one of you contributing your insights, sharing your experiences, and fostering a welcoming environment for knowledge exchange and camaraderie.

A Brief Journey Through Our Community's History

In 2013, we founded our community with a simple yet powerful goal: to create a space where members could connect and share their common interests. Reflecting on our beginnings and seeing our tremendous progress is inspiring. Originating from a shared passion for Cloudera's Apache Hadoop-based platform for the Enterprise Data Hub, our vision was to unite enthusiasts, beginners, and experts.


                          Our Community in 2013

In 2019, our community reached even greater heights by merging with the Hortonworks community. Witnessing the seamless merger was inspiring and heartening to see members from both communities supporting each other through challenges, celebrating successes, and evolving together.


                                      Our Community in 2019

From humble beginnings to a vibrant interaction hub, our community has evolved into a diverse ecosystem of shared learning, support, and lively discussions. Over time, we've encountered incredible stories of personal growth, collaborative projects, and enduring friendships forged within these digital walls.

2013 Community1.png

Our Community in 2023

Celebrating YOU, Our Incredible Members!

This milestone isn't just about a number; it's about the vibrant collaboration of personalities, experiences, and expertise that each of you brings. Your engagement, questions, answers, and willingness to help one another have shaped this community into the thriving hub that it is today.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our members, whether recent additions or pioneers from the early days. Your presence enriches our community, and we are committed to nurturing an environment where you feel connected, supported, and inspired.

Looking Ahead! 

As we celebrate this incredible achievement, we eagerly anticipate the future. Our commitment remains steadfast—to foster a supportive, inclusive, and engaging environment for everyone. Your feedback, ideas, and suggestions will continue to shape the path forward.

Here's to the next chapter of our journey, where learning, growth, and lasting connections flourish. Thank you for being an integral part of our thriving community. We eagerly anticipate many more years of connection and growth together.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Team Cloudera Community!

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