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We are receiving lot many of these alerts when we run a lot many queries, we just moved to CDH 5.7.1, previously with same configurations on CDH 5.5.1 we were not reciving such alerts or issues, can anyone help us to know what may be the reason behing this and how to resolve it.




The health test result for IMPALAD_QUERY_MONITORING_STATUS has become bad: There are 1 error(s) seen monitoring executing queries, and 0 errors(s) seen monitoring completed queries for this role in the previous 5 minute(s). Critical threshold: any.

followed by following warnings:

The health test result for IMPALA_IMPALADS_HEALTHY has become bad: Healthy Impala Daemon: 9. Concerning Impala Daemon: 0. Total Impala Daemon: 10. Percent healthy: 90.00%. Percent healthy or concerning: 90.00%. Critical threshold: 90.00%.


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