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Re: How to create the following user roles

Since you have mentioned the word "user role", I want to clarify this

You have to understand the difference between Group, User and Role

Group and User to be created in both Linux(root user) and Hue(as admin user)

But Role to be created only in Hue


Ex: Login as root in Linux and apply below commands.

groupadd hive;
groupadd hue;
groupadd impala;
groupadd analyst;
groupadd admin;


# In your case, your Group suppose to be..
Auditor, Read-Only, Limited Operator, Operator, Configurator, Cluster Administrator ,BDR Administrator, Navigator Administrator, User Administrator, Key Administrator, Full Administrator


useradd kumar;
# User belongs to Group
usermod -a -G hive,hue,impala,admin,analyst kumar;
passwd kumar;


# Role assigned to Group:

Now, login to Hue -> Security(Menu)-> Sentry Tables -> Add Roles (as Hive user)


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