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February 2023 Community Highlights

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Here are some highlights from the month of January


  • 194 new support questions
  • 5 new community articles
  • 573 new members







Community Article


Components/ Labels


CDP Public Cloud DL /DH vertical scaling for Azure based cluster 

Usman Khan 


Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE)

Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

Cloudera Machine Learning (CML)

Data Engineering UI


How to install l Apache NiFi on Macbook, for learning

Zhen Zeng 


Apache NiFi


Importing additional python modules while making use of ExecuteProcess processor in NiFi

Manick Mehra 


Apache NiFi


Vertical scaling of DataHub Master VM in AWS

Usman Khan


Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE)

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Cloudera Data Science and Engineering

Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

Cloudera Machine Learning (CML)


NFS Disk migration for Cloudera Machine Learning - Private Cloud

Usman Khan


Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP-Private)

Cloudera Machine Learning (CML)




We would like to recognize the below community members and employees for their efforts over the last month to provide community solutions. 

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Share your expertise and answer some of the below open questions. Also, be sure to bookmark the unanswered question page to find additional open questions. 


Unanswered Community Post 

Components/ Labels

Can I change classpath of oozie?

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

Import CSV file drops WARN: TGT renewal thread has been interrupted and will exit.

Apache Kafka
Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP)

Apache Spark Job Is slow and wanted to Make It Apache Spark Jobs Run Faster

Apache Spark

Sqoop import table from mysql to Hive failled:java.util.LinkedList cannot be cast to org.apache.hive...

Apache Hadoop
Apache HCatalog
Apache Hive
Apache Sqoop

Nifi 1.16 fails to start after changing propsKey

Apache NiFi
NiFi Registry