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Cloudera Employee

PROBLEM: All the application_xxx_xx directories under ${yarn.nodemanager.log-dirs} are getting created with 0710. Can this be overridden to make less restrictive?

For example:
[root@space2 ~]# su -l hdfs -c 'hadoop jar /usr/hdp/ randomtextwriter -write -nrFiles 10 -filesize 500' 
Running 30 maps. 
Job started: Wed Dec 28 00:22:55 UTC 2016 

[root@space2 log]# ls -l /hadoop/yarn/log
total 4 
drwx--x---. 12 yarn hadoop 4096 Dec 28 00:24 application_1482346173510_0002

ROOT CAUSE: Currently yarn.nodemanager.default-container-executor.log-dirs.permissions property is hardcoded to permission 710 per

RESOLUTION: Fixed in upcoming Hadoop 2.9.

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