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Community Changes and Feature Definitions Details

As we mentioned in the previous announcement there are few similarities and changes you should know about.

Below is a list of:

  • The most common user actions in a support community

  • How you discovered that user action in HCC

  • The new way you will find that user action in the new community

  • And details on the user action in the new community.

Here is a preview of the new designs for these pages:

I want to…HCC CommunityNew Cloudera CommunityDetails
Ask a questionCreate > Ask A QuestionContribute > Ask A Question

The “Create” menu will now be the “Contribute” menu for posting community articles/repos and asking questions.

Also use the “Ask A Question” button in the main navigation from any page.

Share my expertise or troubleshooting tipsCreate > ArticleContribute > Create Community ArticleYou can still share your expertise, tips, or technical knowledge with the community using Community Articles. Just look for the new menu options.
Search by topic“Explore” Menu“Browse” MenuBrowse all content via “Labels” or content type (questions, repos, articles)
Search by topicSelect TrackLabelUse “Labels” instead of “Tracks” to subscribe and follow specific topics
Perform an Advanced Search or FilterMagnifying glass > search term > enterSameYou can still refine your search results to search content by: labels, author, date, solved/kudoed, post type, etc.
Thank members (or “like”) an answerVoteKudoThank members for their answers by giving “Kudos” for helpful or thorough responses
Indicate an answer solved my problemBest AnswerMark as SolutionLet the community know one or more answers solved your problem. This will help future members that might run into a similar issue later!
Watch contentFollowSubscribe Or BookmarkSubscribe to content you want to receive notifications for. In the new community you can also bookmark content.
Manage my notification preferencesProfile > My Preferences > NotificationsProfile > My Settings > Subscriptions & NotificationsBy default receive an immediate email notification for your content subscriptions. You can change the frequency to: never, daily or weekly.
Alert the moderator to content issuesGear icon next to content > report3 dots next to content > Report Inappropriate ContentHelp us enforce the community guidelines! Report content issues or abuse to the moderators for their action.
Know my leader board levelExplore > LeaderboardAbout The Community > Leaderboards and Badges

In HCC there was one leaderboard based on total points.

In the new community you will find the following leaderboards: Top solution Authors, Top Kudoed Authors, Top Repo Contributors and Top Community Article Contributors.

Additionally, you can view your rank level on your own profile page.

The Leaderboards & Badges in the new community will have more information at migration.

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