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In DPS-1.1.0 we can't edit all the LDAP configuration properties after the initial setup. If we have to correct LDAP configs, you need to re-initialize the DPS setup to change it, which can be a painful task.

To avoid re-initializing the DPS setup, we can make the changes directly in the postgres database of dataplane.

Step1:- Find the container id of dp-database on DPS machine

docker ps


Step2: - connect to the docker machine

docker exec -it cf3f4a31e146 /bin/bash

Step3:- Login to the postgres database (dataplane)

su - postgres

psql -d dataplane

Take backup of the table,

create table dataplane.ldap_configs_bkp as select * from dataplane.ldap_configs;

To view the existing configuration:

select * from dataplane.ldap_configs;

Sample Output:

id | url | bind_dn | user_searchbase | usersearch_attributename | group_searchbase | groupsearch_attr ibutename | group_objectclass | groupmember_attributename | user_object_class ----+---------------------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------------------+--------------------------+------------------------------------------+----------------- ----------+-------------------+---------------------------+------------------- 1 | ldap:// | uid=xyz,ou=users,dc=support,dc=hortonworks,dc=com | ou=users,dc=support,dc=hortonworks,dc=com | uid | ou=groups,dc=support,dc=hortonworks,dc=com | cn | posixGroup | memberUid | posixAccount

Step 4:- Make the changes in database for the required field

For example:- if i need to change usersearch_attributename from uid to cn, then i can issue this command

update dataplane.ldap_configs set usersearch_attributename='cn';

That's it! it should reflect immediately on the dataplane UI.

Note:- Use this doc, when you are newly installing DPS and made a mistake in LDAP configs.

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