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Here is the steps to enable HTTPS for HBASE Master UI.

1. Add following properties in "Custom hbase-site"


2. In HBASE, there is no direct option to add/configure the keystore files (JKS), it uses HADOOP configurations files. Lets say If HTTPS is already enabled for HDFS Web UI then your host would have already configured with JKS files in ssl-server.xml and ssl-client.xml files, so HBASE also uses same ssl-server.xml files.

You can find more details to configure HTTPS for HDFS at

3. If you are planning to have different JKS files for HDFS and HBASE then you can copy the the ssl-server.xml to /etc/hbase/conf path and configure the JKS file.

Restart HBASE server and server should come fine and should be accessable https://HOSTNAME:16010/

Note:Please note that there is a bug in AMBARI because of that HBASE quick always try to open 
with HTTP,you may have to change the protocol and then access.
Super Collaborator

Hi @apappu,

Thank you for this great article. 😄

I have 1 question thou, after enabling HTTPS for hbase, my Master HBase became Standby Master in Ambari.

Do you have any idea on how to remove the 'Standby'?


Note: I only have 1 master HBase.


@Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang

I have same problem, in my case, hbase log file shows error below: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?
@Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang

@Guilherme Braccialli

There is a bug in Ambari - it is trying to read the HBase JMS properties in http rather than using HTTPS. i don't see any issue at the HBase side. those errors are when Ambari try to connect using HTTP it complains that some one is connecting using http.

I am yet to raise JIRA/bug for this in Ambari - i will create one today.