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Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) for public cloud has an amazing admin UI that drives you through a thorough wizards for setting up environment, data lakes, data hub clusters and experiences.


Details of AWS pre-requisites can be found in CDP official documentation, but why use the easy button when you can leverage AWS and CDP cli and do it the hard way?

My thoughts exactly. 


Here is the TL;DR: go to my github and run the scripts as instructed.


AWS minimal requirements for CDP environment

Even through cli, a lot of the configuration of a environment can be automated, including:

  • Network (VPCs, routing, gateways, etc.)
  • Security Groups
  • Free IPA instance(s)

However, you will need to set this minimal set of elements to get an environment ready:

  • In AWS
    • Public/Private keys (not automated/demonstrated here)
    • S3 Bucket
    • AWS Roles
    • AWS policies
  • In CDP
    • Credential (not automated/demonstrated here)

To better understand how roles, policies and bucket interact, you can refer to this diagram:


In this tutorial however, I'm not going to worry about additional roles but the dataake_admin_role and ranger_audit_role (the other ones are optional).



Automation scripts

Step 1: Pre-Requisites


Install and configure the AWS cli with your account: link

Create a public/private key pair: link


Create CDP credential for AWS: link

Install and configure CDP CLI: link 

Local computer

Clone my github repository

git clone


Step 2: Running the scripts

Create AWS S3 bucket: <base_dir> <prefix> <region> 

Purge AWS policies and roles (optional): <base_dir> <prefix> 

Create AWS policies: <base_dir> <prefix>

Create AWS roles: <base_dir> <prefix> <bucket> 
Create CDP environment: <base_dir> <prefix> <credential> <region> <key> 

Step 3: Verify periodically until environment status is AVAILABLE <prefix> 


Obviously this is just getting us started.

I plan on publishing much more about creating data lakes, data hub clusters and much more. Stay tuned!






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