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Continuing my previous article on creating a CDP AWS environment, this tutorial teaches you how to automate the creation of a datalake, including:

  • Setting up proper roles and IDBroker mappings associated with your user and environment
  • Creating a datalake
  • Syncing users to FreeIPA


Here is the TL;DR: go to my github and run the scripts as instructed.


Automation scripts

Step 1: Create IAM and launch Data Lake

Create roles and mapping in your existing environment: <base_dir> <prefix> <region> 

Create datalake: <base_dir> <prefix> 

Step 2: Verify periodically until datalake status is RUNNING <prefix> 

Step 3: Sync free IPA users <base_dir> <prefix> 


This was a short and sweet tutorial, more fun to come playing with data lake clusters and experiences!
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