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In order to utilize the directory server's nested groups information across hadoop, nested groups information must be retrieved for hadoop group mapping as well as for Ranger policy authorization. Retrieving nested group information for Ranger is explained here. This article covers the configuration required for retrieving nested group information for hadoop LdapGroupMapping.

Nested group membership in LdapGroupMapping is introduced as part of HADOOP-12291 and is available in HDP 2.6. Let's take the same directory server structure example that is used for Ranger.

Sample Active directory structure with Nested groups

Usecase: Admin wants "Marketing Group" and "AMER Marketing Group" to be represented as hdfs groups for users "Adam Will", "John Doe", and "Mary Sam"

In the above example, user "John Doe" is a member of "US Marketing Group". But the directory server structure also contains multiple nested group levels like - “US Marketing Group” is a member of “AMER Marketing Group” which again is a member of “Marketing Group”. With out nested group membership support on hadoop, "hdfs groups" for user "John Doe" returns only the immediate group "US Marketing Group". In order for hdfs groups to retrieve parent groups like "AMER Marketing Group" and "Marketing Group", then the LdapGroupMapping must be configured with nested group membership information.

Hadoop LdapGroupMapping configuration