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This video contains a step by step process that shows how to connect to Hive running on a secure cluster while using a JDBC Uber driver from MS Windows.

Open the video on YouTube here



  • Validate username belong to the same @DOMAIN /Realm as the one setup on cluster nodes.
  • Install  DbVisualizer.
  • Download Hive Uber driver for same version as HDP.

Kerberos Java  Config

  • Get Kerberos /etc/krb5.conf from cluster, scp this file from any cluster node to c:\windows.
  • Rename krb5.conf to c:\windows\krb5.ini.
  • Edit krb5.ini and add property: (see video) 
    property udp_preference_limit = 1


DbVisualizer Setup

  1. Add Hive Uber driver .jar to DBVisualizer as driver for Hive (see video).
  2. Add startup Java command line options to DBVisualizer for kerberos , under Tools (see video):\windows\krb5.ini
  3. Setup new connection for HDP cluster:
    Database Server = ( hostname of node running HiveServer2)
    Database = change from default to default;principal=hive/_HOST@DOMAIN.CO


Get Kerberos Session Ticket from DbVisualizer java JRE

  1. cd to folder where it is installed, find inside folder \jre\bin:
    kinit username
  2. OR if keytabfile used:
    kinit -kt keytab username@DOMAIN.COM
  3. Check for session on cache file with: 

Restart DbVisualizer and test connection to Hive

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