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Once you have Atlas up and running( see this for getting started. ) you will want to create your first tag and use it to tag data to begin exploring what Atlas can do.

Lets start by creating a tag that will be called "PII" which we will later use it to tag Personally Identifiable data.

Log into Atlas and select the + icon on the homepage.


Enter "PII" for the tag name and click create.

That's it! Now we have a tag to use.

Now click on the search tab select "dsl" and from the drop down select "hive_table" hit enter and select the "customer" table.


You should see the summary details for the customer table in hive.


Select the schema tab.

Here you see all columns available in the customer data table.

Let's mark the "account_num" field as "PII". Next to "account_num" click the + icon and select "PII" from the drop down.


Now the column has been tagged and both searchable from Atlas as well as configured to be administered through Hive for auditing and permissions.

Click the "Tags" tab in Atlas and search for "PII" to see your field show up.


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