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If any user/admins are not able to view the container logs. And the applications are running with Spark service. Looks like ACLs are not configured. Add this in your clusters: 


  1. Go to Cloudera Manager -> Spark -> Configuration -> Spark Client Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for spark-conf/spark-defaults.conf
    spark.acls.enable= true
  2. Set spark.ui.view.acls=username1,username2
  3. Set spark.modify.acls=user1,user2

 If you pass * as value it will give access to all the users. And both user[admin.acls] and groups[admin.acls.groups] accept both username and groups as comma-separated values.


Both user and group lists use a comma-separated list of entries. The wildcard character “*” allows access to anyone, and the single space “ “ allows access to no one.





Disclaimer: This article is contributed by an external user. The steps may not be verified by Cloudera and may not be applicable for all use cases and may be very specific to a particular distribution. Please follow with caution and at your own risk. If needed, raise a support case to get the confirmation.

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