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BYOK (Bring Your Own Key)

BYOK (Bring Your Own Key)

New Contributor

Hi guys,

   I'm trying to understand encryptions options on HDFS, and seems that HDFS Transparent Encryption is a good option.

My question is: there is a way to use my own key (BYOK) for the encryption?

There is anyone with the same problem?


Many Thanks



Re: BYOK (Bring Your Own Key)


Hello @hammer75, currently no document suggests the use of BYOK as a backing Keystore. 


Cloudera offers the following two options for enterprise-grade key management:



So HDFS Data At Rest Encryption wizard in Cloudera Manager offers below 4 roots of trust for encryption keys:

  • Cloudera Navigator Key Trustee Server
  • Navigator HSM KMS backed by Thales HSM
  • Navigator HSM KMS backed by Luna HSM
  • A file-based password-protected Java KeyStore (not for Prod env)