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CCA175 Exam: Is Hive the only database we will be working with?




Under the new CCA175 exam syllabus is Hive the only database we will be working with?


Do we need to know how to write to other SQL databases while having to specify URI's  or is everything just on Hive/HDFS?


Danke !


Community Manager

Your best course of action is to email The certification team will then look into the question and reply to you directly.

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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That's certainly an option. But I tend to find the community more helpfull.


Is there anyone aside from mods & bots willing to chip in.


Danke guys!


This is the useless response I got back. So generic!


They seem to think that in order to protect the exam process they must do so by not clearly divulging the exam syllabus. Well done!


By the way  whoever deletes this post as they did the previous one should be ashamed of working for such a rubbish company!


Thanks for getting in touch about the exam. While we can't directly discuss the specifics you’ve mentioned as matter of policy (due to preserving exam integrity), I’d like to share the below information and resources with you:


1) You can find out more about the Developer exam and the updated recommended preparation you can expect during your exam at


2) This page includes information on the updated required skills, and an updated outline of the documentation as well, made available to you during the course of the exam.


3) There are also links to our Certification Terms and Conditions and our FAQ pages.


4) You may check out the exam provider, PSI online's FAQ as well before scheduling your exam.

We changed the requirements for some of the exams, check the Required Skills section. We wanted them to be more in line with updates to the courses that we teach. We removed some topics from the previous versions of the exam (ie Sqoop used to be on the exam and is now gone).


There is only a single terminal which should prevent any issues with lag as had previously been experienced during the exam. Also, the remote desktop has been removed and the user interface has been simplified.


There is no text editor in the new, simplified environment. There are multiple interactive shells to do the work, which are mentioned in the updated video.


All websites, including Google/search functionality and access to Spark external packages, are disabled. You may not use notes or other exam aids.


Hope this helps!


...................Then they referred me back to this form!


Might I also suggest exploring the Cloudera community forum for additional discussion with users on concerns and questions you may have. 


Reading other posts from previous years I've noticed this pattern where the senior guy on this forum suggests you contact exam support only for exam suport to refer people back to this forum.


What a joke!