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Cannot find ambari-server*.rpm


I am right now following the Installation Guide for Apache Ambari from the Wiki:

It seems, though, that I am stuck at Step 2.

For once, I cannot seem to find the folder ambari-server/target/rpm/ambari-server/RPMS/noarch/ from where I am supposed to install ambari-server*.rpm

Hence whenever I am starting the command (yum install ambari-server*.rpm) I just get an error that there is no such package.

I am fairly sure I am missing something. (I am still new to all of this.) But I am not sure, what exactly.


Master Mentor

@Rebecca Rump

During Step1 have you really executed the "mvn rpm:rpm" command to generate the RPM?

mvn -B clean install package rpm:rpm -DnewVersion= -DskipTests -Dpython.ver="python >= 2.6"


You will need to have the following packages already installed on your host in order to build Ambari RPMs.

rpmbuild (rpm-build package)
g++ (gcc-c++ package)


Please refer to the following doc which tells about the detailed development step of Ambari (including the Ambari RPM build).


Once RPM build is completed then you will see the "rpm" files generated. You will need to then run the yum command to install that RPM:

# yum install ambari-serverxxxxxxxxx.rpm


Here "xxxxxxxxx" will be the version that you have built.