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Connection refused for HDF sandbox

I have been able to connect to HDP sanbox by ssh -p 2222. But with the new HDF sandbox, I was stuck again with the "connection refused" error. After I brought up the sandbox, I tried the URL "" but just got timeout error. Any idea ? @mqureshi


Yes, I'm able to log on and Can't open

Have issue with the tutorial script . It says virtualBox command not found. @Sonu Sahi



I'm able to open Nifi UI by http://localhost:19090/nifi/ . Maybe I can ignore the script error ?

Same issue with script Command not found. It's a pain. You don't have this issue ? @Sonu Sahi


No, I don't have this issue. I'm able to hit the nifi UI at without a problem

New Contributor

I have the same error (using either IP address or /etc/hosts entry):

ssh -p 12222

ssh: connect to host port 12222: Connection refused

ssh root@ -p 12222 -->

ssh: connect to host port 12222: Connection refused

I am using a fresh Dockerized HDF sandbox installed (today) on Ubuntu 16.04 - with the Trucking IoT tutorial set up from here:

The weird thing is that the 'shell-in-a-box' works fine (with either IP address or /etc/hosts entry):

Anyone have any ideas on what might be amiss? Is this biting anyone else?



@Steve Hofstra

Have a look at some note in learning ropes for sandbox

That should help