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Create Hive tables from CSV files


Hi All,

I have been creating Hive tables from CSV files manually copying the column names and pasting in a Hive create table script.

However I have at least 300 CSV files. I don want to repeat the same process for 300 times. Is there anyway I can autmatically create hive table creation script using the column headers as column names?

Thanks in advance



@dhieru singh is your CSV file have the same format? if yes, you might consider to use

colA ...
partitioned by .. 
location ... 

msck repair table table_name
alter table table_name add partition ...

every time you have a new file you just run and generate

msck repair table table_name
alter table table_name add partition ...


@mel mendoza Thanks for the help. Unfortunately all the CSV files have different columns.

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@dhieru singh,

Another way is, Use Ambari and click on HiveView as show in the below screenshot.


then click on UploadTable and if your csv file is in local then click on choose file


if you want to get column names from headers then click on the gear symbol after Filetype dropdown


The table will gets all the column names from csv file headers.

Select the database where do you want to create the table and change the table name if you want to change.

Then click on UploadTable button located at left on the screen.


@Shu Thanks let me try it and will update you Thanks again

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I am facing the same issue right now. My current approach is to have a script to read the first line of all my csv files and then transform the first-line text into create sql statement.

I wonder whether this is some built-in solution from HDP.