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Data analytics studio Postgres database is large due to query_detail table

New Contributor

Hello all,

    The postgres db for das is around 250 GB in which the table query_detail is alone 220 Gb filling up my disk space. How can I control this? Can I delete this table?




Please refer below doc to clean old queries.

Can I delete this table?
select pg_size_pretty(pg_total_relation_size('query_details')); -- run this query to check the table size.

truncate table das.query_details CASCADE; -- run this command to truncate the table data.

New Contributor

Thank you for your reply @balajip .

The output of the below query is 220GB.

Do I need to Truncate the table first before adding the new properties in Data Analytics Studio Event Processor config file template.

And how long will it take to Truncate this table.

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