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EC2 service down



I'm trying to get certifyied (HDPCD) and I'm using an EC2 host.

I had no problem for sever week, but, this morning, all services are down

I tryied with ./

without success... I also tryied to reboot the machine, no success at all...

any idea on how to run all services?

Thank you very much..



Hi, sorry, it just took some minutes... I definitively solve my problem. Thank you very much for your support. Bye Mauro

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Hello, Mauro, I am assuming that you are using the Practice HDPCD Exam AMI to create an EC2 instance.

What is the AMI-ID and region of the instance?

In general, lease follow these steps:

ssh to instance as the ubuntu user

after you are inside the instance, then do

ubuntu@cloud-instance:~$ sudo su - 
root@cloud-instance:~# service docker status 
docker start/running, process xxxx

if you do not see docker running, then

root@cloud-instance:~# service docker start
root@cloud-instance:~# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                  COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                 e41b0e1dff2a        hwxu/ambari_1.7.0_server_node:latest   "/root/scripts/start   21 months ago       Up 2 minutes        9083/tcp, 45454/tcp, 11000/tcp, 10020/tcp, 8081/tcp, 8010/tcp, 9086/tcp, 9082/tcp, 10000/tcp, 9999/tcp, 9081/tcp, 50020/tcp, 6702/tcp, 9000/tcp, 9084/tcp, 8032/tcp, 6627/tcp, 6701/tcp, 2181/tcp, 19888/tcp, 3373/tcp, 9087/tcp, 8141/tcp, 50010/tcp, 9080/tcp, 8088/tcp, 50111/tcp, 8050/tcp, 22/tcp, 9933/tcp, 8030/tcp, 6703/tcp, 3372/tcp, 9085/tcp, 8025/tcp, 50075/tcp, 6700/tcp, 50060/tcp, 50090/tcp,>8020/tcp,>8080/tcp,>8440/tcp,>8441/tcp,>50070/tcp   namenode

If you dont see the docker instance called "namenode" as above, then

root@cloud-instance:~# docker start namenode

give it a minute for the namenode to start then

root@cloud-instance:~# ssh namenode

once inside the namenode, restart ambari-server, ambari-agent as needed

after that go to the ambari web ui and restart all services.

Let me know if this helps

Hi, AMI id = Hortonworks HDPCDeveloper_2.2 PracticeExam_v7 (ami-0e796562) and Availability zone = eu-central-1b I tryied with th suggested procedure, but I did not resolve the problem. Regards, Mauro

Hi, I repeted the procedure a couple of time and now I have some services started, unfortunately, Hive and Nagios don't start... Any other idea? thanks a lot, Mauro

Hi, sorry, it just took some minutes... I definitively solve my problem. Thank you very much for your support. Bye Mauro

Do you see any errors in the hive server logs?

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