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FetchFile in nifi

109614-untitled.pngI would be passing attribute to fetchfile processor to fetch file names that match my criteria

Attribute from previous processor: ps_address.txt

File to be fetched: SSMP_XXCY_PS_ADDRESS_2019_06_27.txt

May I know how to pass parameter to fetch file so that this gets picked up? I tried entering * as pattern match but it didn't work. any suggestions please?




@Shu : In my case, I cant use listfile+fetchfile as mentioned above. I have to get part of file name and pass that to fetchfile. is it possible to fetch as I mentioned in my initial thread

Super Guru

@Khaja Mohd

Use GetFile processor as this processor allows to keep specific patterns.

Refer this link for configuring GetFile processor to use with File Filter patterns.

Thanks Shu. I was not successful with that in my scenario. Here is my flow. Get file names first from list of files and then pass that filenames with pattern match to next flow . GetFile(Where file names are present) --> Extract Text(Retreive Filenames. Used Attributes with delimiter to get filenames)--> Pass it to Next Processor . Cannot connect ExtractText to GetFIle so tried FetchFile but stuck with pattern match.

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