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HUE error while trying to set ACL

New Contributor

I am trying to set ACL permissions, using the HUE interface, to a specific user in a HDFS directory. I have already installed and configured sentry to use it with Hive and HDFS. When creating the ACL i get the following error:

 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: XXX aclspec=&op=REMOVEACLENTRIES& {"RemoteException":{"exception":"IllegalArgumentException","javaClassName":"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException","message":"Required param aclspec for op: REMOVEACLENTRIES is null or empty"}}.

I have tried researching this error and it seems HUE is constructing the http request wrong. Could some one help me? I have no idea what is going on

Thank you in advance


New Contributor

I have the same problem.
If you found a solution, please post it 😄🙂


I have the same error,who can help us?

Expert Contributor

Hello @jmbohl , @zuoseven , @napoleon ,


Please note that this is a known bug, but not yet fixed. 


Please check if the below properties in CM > HDFS > Configuration is set to an asterisk (*):


HDFS Proxy User Hosts
HDFS Proxy User Groups
Hue Proxy User Hosts
Hue Proxy User Groups



If the above is set to asterisk, please let me know if the below workaround works:

1_). Create the user and group of the HDFS directory in HUE, then log in to HUE with the user of HDFS and then go to HUE to create an ACL for the HDFS directory
2_). Because there is a BUG in HUE for HDFS ACL, it is not recommended to use it this way. It is recommended that you still use the acl command line to create on HDFS.



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