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How do I get rid of failed to fetch table information Status: 500 Message: Server Error?

This error occurs every time I select the table in the tables tab in hive view 2.0.

The source table from mysql does not have an int primary key. and the table size is 5.5GB

If you have any I dea how to fix it. I need your help. Thanks


@Christian Lunesa

Refer to this link for the issue that you are facing. If this is the exact issue, you may need to update the RM config.

Let know if that helps!

I just experienced this kind of error in hive view 2.0 when TABLES tab and I try to view the table properties of a table with 5 GIG size. .

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hive-20-error.png I am having this in the ambari server logs. . please see if you have experience same thing as mine

@Christian Lunesa

Is this related to the earlier issue?

I am not sure where you are getting this issue, but the number looks too long for an integer! If this is your hive table etc, try using BigInt and not int. Or else post some more info about the issue 🙂

@Rahul Soni Yes, sir . . That's what I see in the ambari-server logs with regards to the error I posted above.

@Christian Lunesa

As you probably know, the 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the website's server, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is.

You need to provide more information. There could be many reasons.

1) Does it happen with other tables?

2) Is your cluster kerberized?

3) Did you check Ambari server log for more details?

1. it does not happened with other tables where the size of table table is lower than 5GB

2. it is not kerberized

3. Yes , I attached the screen shot of the logs