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How to achieve inheritence within Parameter Contexts in NiFi


Hello Everyone,

                          As you know that , it is recommended to use Parameter rather than variables in Nifi as it is gonna get deprecated soon. 

                        I have two process groups PG1 and PG1A. PG1A is the child process group to PG1.

                        I have ParameterContext PC1 which has database and other common application configuration parameters and it is assigned to PG1. 

                       I would like to create new ParameterContext PC1A which has its own parameters specific to the process group PG1A and it should also inherit the common application parameters from PC1. How it can be achieved? Since we can't assign two different Parameter contexts(PC1 & PC1A) to one process group (PG1A).  Please provide your inputs.




As it stands now, in NiFi 1.11.4, it seems that PGs do not inherit the context of their parent. 😕 
It would certainly be nice if they added actual scoping rules and inheritance, rather then the all or nothing we have now. I don't see a good way to copy them either. 😞
So even if you wanted to have several sets of parameters with mostly the same values, and a few different, you have to do it the hard way.
Everything else seems to work by (optionally in some cases) inheriting from the parent, so it is puzzling that parameters do not.

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@karthikraja @Seedy 


Parameter Contexts are still relatively new.  There is an existing improvement Jira for exactly what you are looking for here that is currently in development.

  1. NIFI-8487

Unfortunately, there is not workaround or alternative to what you are trying to achieve other than recreating those common parameters in every parameter context you create currently.


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