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How to find Cloudera manger agent or server version from CLI

Hi Team,


Is there any command to find CM agent and Server version from the command line? 

I know we can find out using the rpm -qa version but any other way I can get to find the java -version?





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Can you just cat on the below path to get the version number:

""cat /etc/yum.repos.d/cloudera-manager.repo""


Hi @ChethanYM,


Thanks for the reply I agree we can find out in the repo file, I was just checking if we can get it through any command? like java -version or something kind of 

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Looks like there is no such command for it.

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Hello @khanarshadazmat ,


We do not have a direct method to get the CM Server and Agent version like we have in java -version.


However, you can follow some of the below workarounds to get the required result:

1_). using below command

# hdfs version

# hadoop version
2_). version info available at "/opt/cloudera/parcels/<CDH>/lib/hadoop/cloudera/"


Let me know if this helps!



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