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1. Get the output from Ambari server


2. Copy the json of "operating_systems" outer block of step1 output and create repo.json file -

it would looks like repo.json

3. update repo.json file to reflect your changes/modifications.

4. now run below API call to update.

curl -insecure  -H "X-Requested-By:ambari" --user admin:admin --data @repo.json  -X PUT  http://AMBARI-HOST:8080/api/v1/stacks/HDP/versions/3.1/repository_versions/1

Note: please make sure you include correct repo version id at the end. in this case it is 1

5. Now go and check in UI to see if those changes reflects.

Note: This tried and tested in Ambari2.7.x

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Helpfull Article to update Repo URLS incase manage version UI is not loading.