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Installing Helium modules in Zeppelin



Our data scientists are needing a few Helium modules available to Zeppelin. We are using Version

1. volume leaflet
2. ultimate-heatmap-chart
3. ultimate-scatter-chart
4. ultimate-range-chart

I've pulled down the four requested modules plus their dependencies using npm and they downloaded to /root/node_modules, see attachments with listings. (node-modules-part1of2.txtnode-modules-part2of2.txt)

What do I do with the downloaded modules now?

The Zeppelin documentation only makes mention of installing the helium json file into zeppelin/helium directory but there's got to be more to it than that because these four modules many many dependencies as seen in the file listing.

Thank you



I was able to resolve my question. Here's the steps I followed in case others have a question about this.

After downloading the modules locally as I did above with

npm -i <modulename>

1. Copy the module directories to a directory where the zeppelin user will have access to. For example:


2. Edit the module json file Artifact key to point to the new location. For example, edit


Artifact would be /groupCode/helium/ultimate-heatmap-chart

3. create a symlink from the modules json into $ZEPPELIN_HOME/helium. (I had to create the helium directory)

For example

ln -s /groupCode/helium/ultimate-heatmap-chart/ultimate-heatmap-chart.json $ZEPPELIN_HOME/helium/ultimate-heatmap-chart.json

4. restart Zeppelin in Ambari

5. Go to Zeppelin, choose Helium. Select your module choose Enable