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Issue - Load data from CSV into HIVE table using HUE browser

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I have an issue while importing a CSV file into Hue / Hive table with the data exported from Arcadia Operational Dev ( Download CSV option ).

For eg: A column ( say Owner ) that has got values as “Lastname,Firtsname” is not inserted into one single column as expected.

Expected :
Owner ( Column 1 )                            Description ( Column 2 )
Root,Joe                                                        This is a test data for Arcadia Labs

Actual :
Owner                                      Description
“Joe                                                            Root”

Please suggest if there is any fix for this.


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Can you show the first couple lines of your file exactly as they appear in the file. You can open the CSV with a simple text editor of your choice and show the output in a comment here. 


When you are in the upload screen in Hue, note that under Extras section there are additional parameters that you might need to adjust to fit your file formatting.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 10.51.13 PM.png

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Attached the few lines of the csv file opened on Notepad ++




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Out-of-the-box Hue can't properly parse this format. There are some potential solutions in this thread:

and it depends on what you are comfortable with: pre-processing the file to reformat the input or to use a different SerDe in Hive. 


Hope that helps,


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