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Kafka broker bind to

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Currently we have deployed a kafka service over CDH 5.7.2. Our cluster has two interfaces per host. One for remote access and another one for cluster intra-communication.


Everything is working properly if we access through internal cluster ports. However, we cannot access from external interfaces. Ports are closed. Kafka only binds to internal ports.


In order to bind to external ports, we should use environment. However, Cloudera Manager does not allow to use environment variables with a dot ( in it. Is there any way to surpass this limitation??


We have also got kafka to bind all IPs by modifiying listerners=PLAINTEXT:// parameter, but the problem in this case is that zookeeper takes as broker name and so it cannot be resolved at client.


Meanwhile, we have used iptables in order to forward traffic to port 9092 at external interface to internal interface, but this is not the way we should proceed.


Any hint about using parameter?


Thanks in advance. 


Rising Star



You can do the following step:


Kafka > Instances (Select Instance) > Configuration > Kafka Broker > Advanced > Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for


Please add (example):





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