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Nifi CLI toolkit errors

Expert Contributor

Hello Supporters,


I am trying to use NIFI CLI toolkit so that I can load 100 parameters using parameter context. (doing it using UI is a tedious job and not appropriate for deployments as well) 

I installed Nifi toolkit on remote server. I generally ssh into this server from local and run my commands.

To see the UI, I use ssh tunnel.


There is only one user for this Nifi Instance (admin) and it don't have https certificates. (Single User Authentication)


When i start CLI prompt it works fine (below)


# sh
CLI v1.16.3

Type 'help' to see a list of available commands, use tab to auto-complete.

Session loaded from /root/.nifi-cli.config




But when I use any Nifi commands, it throws below error:


#> nifi list-param-contexts -u http://localhost:8443/

ERROR: Error executing command 'list-param-contexts' : Unexpected end of file from server


if I use https , 

#> nifi list-param-contexts -u https://localhost:8443/

ERROR: Error executing command 'list-param-contexts' : truststore, truststoreType, and truststorePasswd are required when using an https url


But I don't use truststore or passwords for single admin user.




Also commands related to Registry working fine.


#> registry current-user -u http://localhost:18080

#> registry list-buckets -u http://localhost:18080

# Name Id Description
- ------------ ------------------------------------ -----------
1 First-bucket 8a3da253-f635-4b01-941f-bfb6437cead7
2 delete 4df052fd-fddc-4e7b-b4ea-bb3b8b691385



Is this something related to https/URI  ?

I don't find much information online for this issue and I was struck from many days..

Please help me solve this.



@TimothySpann  @araujo Sincere request to help me find the problem..


Expert Contributor

I am using CLI version 1.16.3

So, I was thinking in this direction that this CLI supports only HTTPS connections.

and I must use truststore and without it there is no way..

(But I don't want to complicate things by using truststore etc. as the remote server can only be accessed by secure ssh.)

Please let me know if i am thinking in right direction... 

Expert Contributor



So i copied the details of 


from file of my nifi installation and pasted them in the properties file of toolkit




Now when i try to run the cli commands i get a new error.. seems I am close but not yet done...

below is the error:

"ERROR: Error executing command 'list-param-contexts' : Error retrieving parameter contexts: Client certificate for (CN=localhost) is expired."


How can I renew this expired certificate ?  I wonder why CLI is not so straight forward!!!


Please help me in this regards..